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Information about the Application

Information about the Application

Included on the Application page is a link to the Conservation Bank grant application form. This application will allow you to apply for funding for your proposal and will give WATERthe Bank the required information to make a decision as to whether your proposal is acceptable. Please note that the application is in several sections, which should be filled out as completely as possible. The Bank realizes that a number of the requirements of this statute are expensive and difficult to obtain. For that reason, several of these requirements have been placed in Phase two so that you will have some idea of favorability of the Bank acceptance prior to having to meet these requirements. Non-acceptance of your proposal does not mean that it is not a good proposal nor does it prevent your proposal from being re-submitted in another budget cycle. The Bank requests two copies of the application. One copy of the application should be emailed to Amber Larck and one hard copy (softbound binders are preferred, 3 ring binders are too large) should be mailed to the SC Conservation Bank at 2711 Middleburg Dr, Suite 308, Columbia, SC 29204.


Phase 1

In an effort to reduce costs and time in filling out the application for funding, the Bank has worked to make the initial phase of the application as simple as possible. If properly filled out, the application form should give the Bank enough information to decide whether to proceed further with your proposal. Listed below are a few of the documents that should be included with each application. 

  1. A copy of the letter of intent or purchase contract that reflects the transaction contemplated in this application. Otherwise, please describe the anticipated legal instrument to be used to memorialize the terms of the subject real estate transaction, and when such a document will be executed.
  2. A commitment to insure title to the real estate interests subject to this application. Note: Prior to the release of funds, the applicant must purchase a title insurance policy acceptable to SCCB in an amount not less than the Grant Award.  Furthermore, the applicant must agree to reimburse the Bank its grant award on a pro rata basis if a successful claim against title is perfected.
  3. A Preliminary Appraisal, which should include a brief description of comparable sales, if applicable, and analysis used to arrive at the value of the property interest subject to this application.

Please note:
The South Carolina Conservation Bank Act requires that any conservation easement funded by the Bank must be held by an eligible trust fund recipient. For a complete list of qualified entities and contact information, please visit the Qualified Entities page.

Phase 2

Per the statutory requirements of the Conservation Bank Act, before Grant funds may be released, the Grantee must provide the Bank the items listed below to the Bank’s satisfaction.

  1. A formal appraisal of the property;
    • Approved Appraiser List: Please choose an appraiser from this list, or contact the Conservation Bank with a request to add a new appraiser to the list. The Criteria for Appraisers are listed here: Criteria for appraisers (Adobe PDF)
  2. A Phase One Environmental hazard assessment;
  3. A signed and executed contract;
  4. A statement of intent to acquire title insurance;
  5. A management/financial resources plan or baseline documentation report (BRD) (including a description of how the property will be managed to protect the conservation values of the property);
  6. A signed copy of this Grant Agreement by the Grantee and, for conservation easements, also by the landowner;
  7. If applicable, a signed copy of a subordination agreement by a lender; and
  8. Any other data, acknowledgment, or documentation requested by the Board of Directors of the Bank.

Should the information provided by the above items be in substantial conflict with the information provided in Phase 1 the SC Conservation Bank has the right to cancel the grant request and re-prioritize other proposals.

We appreciate your interest and commitment to conservation and look forward to working with you to keep South Carolina a special place. If we can be of any help in this process or if you need additional information, please feel free to contact us.