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Statewide Priorities

Section 48-59-50(B)(5) requires the SC Conservation Bank to “develop conservation criteria to be used, in addition to the criteria set forth in Section 48-59-70(D), that advance and support federal, state, and local conservation goals, plans, objectives, and initiatives. In order to assist in the development of conservation criteria, the bank must coordinate with the appropriate groups to integrate the goals, plans, objectives, and initiatives, as well as land use patterns, into a statewide conservation map. The map must be created by July 1, 2019, and the criteria and map must be reviewed no less than every ten years thereafter. The criteria list and map must be submitted to the General Assembly annually.”

In accordance with the above-referenced statute, the SC Conservation Bank partnered with the SC Department of Natural Resources in 2019 to create the first statewide conservation map. The map was last updated in 2023.

Statewide Conservation Map

View Interactive Statewide Conservation Map.


The mapping effort analyzed six priorities set forth in our enabling legislation, which include:

  1. Conservation Corridors
  2. Ecological Conservation Priorities
  3. Sustainable Forestry
  4. Sustainable Agriculture
  5. Water Resources
  6. Public Trails and Vistas

View 2023 official report.

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View 2019 official report.