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White Plains Tract

Property Description
JRJ Farms

The White Plains property is adjacent to the SCDOT mitigation tract titled the Belfast Extension Tract, which connects to the Belfast Wildlife Management Area. The White Plains tract further promotes connectivity of habitats and will serve as the future main entranceway for the Belfast Extension Tract being acquired via donation from the SCDOT. The White Plains tract is comprised of prime soil agricultural lands which will provide excellent opportunities for quail, turkey, dove, and deer management, and public hunting opportunities. South Carolina State Wildlife Action Plan (SC SWAP) species of concern known from the immediate area include the Federally At-Risk Tri-colored Bat and Newberry Burrowing Crayfish as well as six other State Wildlife Action Plan priority freshwater fish species plus the Big Brown Bat. The tract is within the NBCI Restoration Focus Area for Bobwhite Quail, a high-priority SWAP species. Habitat enhancements for this species are planned in the future, along with expansion of pollinator habitat. Grasslands and shrub/scrub ecological communities are priorities in the SC SWAP. Archeological and historical features may be present on-site as those adjacent to the tract are from the 19th Century and Late Woodland Period.


Property Map

A map for the White Plains Tract has been provided in Google Map format.