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Paris Mountain Expansion Tract

Property Description

The Paris Mountain Expansion Tract will add another 33 acres the Paris Paris MountainMountain State Park to prevent further fragmentation of the park and allow the forest-dwelling wildlife to continue ranging beneath a mature hardwood canopy. The property contains the headwaters to a mountain creek that feeds into the larger Buckhorn Creek. On the northern edge of this tract is an intact ridgeline that shares its border with another property and enjoys expansive views during the winter. For the State Park's 250,000 annual visitors, this property is an asset and one that could potentially result in a mile-long loop trail to connect into the park. This is an ideal property to help further protect the park from development and secure its ecological integrity for the wildlife that roams its forests.

Property Map

A map for the Paris Mountain Expansion Tract has been provided in Google Map format.  

Property Images

Paris Mountain Paris Mountain