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Lewis (Firefly) Tract

Property Description

The most famous residents of this property are the fireflies Phausis reticulata. These fireflies appear in for two to four weeks in the late spring and emit a continuous light, rather then the blinking light of the common firefly. Locals refer to these flies as "ghost" or "fairy" flies because they emit a blue light.This fireflies have been documented in Annals of the Entomology Society of America. Aside from the most famous residents, the land is also home to black bear, turkey, deer, bobcat, songbirds, amphibians and reptiles. Mr. Dan Lewis, the owner of the property was married to the former South Carolina poet laureate, Bennie Lee Sinclair. The poet laureate referenced the fireflies in her most famous poem "The Dying. The Donor. The Phoenix." Mr. Lewis donated 50% of the value of the easement.

Property Map

A map for the Lewis (Firefly) Tract has been provided in Google Map format.