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Cragmoor Farms

Property Description

Cragmoor Farms contains significant plant and wildlife habitat associatedCragmoor with mesic deciduous forest, Piedmont bottomland forest, narrow stream valley forest, and cultivated land. The property shares a border of 825 linear feet with Still House Branch, a tributary of the North Tyger River. This land and more surrounding was acquired by Charles Moore beginning with a purchase in 1762. The property is currently leased for fescue hay production, soybeans, feed grains, and wheat in the winter. Spartanburg School District Six is committed to giving children hands-on learning experiences with farming, forestry, environmental protection and conservation, biology, ecology, and history, and then serving the healthy foods they produce in their cafeterias. This property is an ideal location for these programs that are keeping with a national trend to combat such epidemics such as childhood obesity and hunger with a movement toward increase local food in schools.

Property Map

A map for Cragmoor Farms has been provided in Google Map format.