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Chestnut Ridge Extension

Property Description

Chestnut Ridge Extension abuts the Chestnut Ridge Heritage Preserve and also Chestnutconnects to the Greenville Watershed and Blue Wall Preserve. The priority habitats/features occurring on this site include: Appalachian oak forest, cove forests, rock outcrops, and cataract bogs. Game species such as bear, deer, turkey, quail, ruffed grouse, spotted skunk and other furbearers abound. Unique finds on the property include 5 Eastern wood rat nets. Cultural resources on the property include arrowheads, flakes, and chert which have been found in an old roadbed. Outstanding views of Squirrel Mountain and Hogback Mountain can be viewed from the subject property, as well as their associated habitat features, which include cataract bogs, rock outcrops, springs and seeps.

Property Map

A map for Chestnut Ridge Extension has been provided in Google Map format. 

Additional Information

For additional information regarding Chestnut Ridge Extension, visit SCDNR's webpage.