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Asbury Hills Expansion

Property Description

Protection of the Asbury Hills Expansion property is significant for providing habitat linkagesAsbury Hills within South Carolina's mountain forests and streams. The property is entirely forested with Southern Blue Ridge forest types of mainly Pine-Oak Heath and Oak-hickory forests. These forests support excellent wildlife habitat for game species such as turkey, deer and black bear. There are rare, non-game species that have been documented on and around the property such as Appalachian cottontail, Woodland jumping mouse, six bat species including Northern Long-eared bat and Rafineque's Big-eared bat, plus neotropical migratory birds such as Swainson's warbler. The property's forested environment filters two streams traversing through the property, which are headwater streams to the S. Saluda River and flow to Lake Saluda, a recreation lake that supplies water to the town of Easley, SC.

This property will add and be compatible to the already conserved 1,892 acres held under a conservation easement with TNC. The Camp intends to use the property for passive recreation for their camp and retreat programs. This property was enrolled into the SC DNR Wildlife Management Agreement (WMA) Program, adding to the Asbury Hills property already in WMA.

Property Map

A map for Asbury Hills Expansion has been provided in Google Map format.