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Peeples Walburg Tract

Property Descriptionpeeples waldburg

Peeples Waldburg Tract is 589 acres in Hampton County that lies within the more than 2 million acres of the South Lowcountry Focus Area featuring diverse ecosystems and a wealth of wildlife. This tract contains a diversity of relatively natural habitats including upland pine and forest and forested wetlands in various stages of succession, and open fields, all of which can support a variety of floral and faunal species. The forested wetlands on the Peeples Waldburg Tract function to improve water quality by providing for nutrient uptake and sediment deposition from runoff draining from upstream lands, and also provide many wildlife habitat components such as breeding grounds, nesting sites, and other critical habitat for a variety of wildlife species.

Property Map

A map for the Peeples Waldburg Tract has been provided in Google Map format.