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Morris Island Tract

Property Description

Perhaps no property better illustrates South Carolina's desire to preserve historical Morris Islandplaces more than the Morris Island Lighthouse. The first lighthouse was erected in 1762 to be replaced by a taller version several years later. In 1862 South Carolinians destroyed the lighthouse to prevent soldiers from using it as a lookout. In 1876, the current lighthouse was illuminated to be decommissioned and replaced by the Sullivan's Island Lighthouse (pictured in the background) in 1962. After being perilously close to development, the Morris Island Lighthouse has begun its long road to preservation this past spring. Funds from the Conservation Bank were crucial to the success of saving Morris Island. Morris Island is in the only lighthouse in the country to have an elevator.

Property Map

A map for the Morris Island Tract has been provided in Google Map format. 

Property Photos

Morris Island