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Timberhaven (Thompson II)

Property Description

Timberhaven is one of the state's most ecologically diverse and sensitive Timberhavenwatersheds. It offers the opportunity for protection of native wildlife such as white-tailed deer, wild turkey, waterfowl and bobwhite quail through the use of control burns, diversified habitats, and connecting lines to neighboring habitats. This tract follows many of the practices used on the adjacent Sumter National Forest lands, such as controlling non-native grasses and invasive plant species so that native species may grow, opening canopies in pine plantations, and committing long, linear openings to wildlife habitat. With extensive streams, protection is offered for threatened or endangered aquatic species such as the Carolina Heelsplitter and Websters Salamander.

Property Map

A map for Timberhaven has been provided in Google Map format.  


Property Images

Timberhaven Timberhaven