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Comalander Tracts

Property Description

The Comalander family tracts are managed for wildlife, agriculture and Comalanderforestry with a diversity of habitats, including planted pine stands, pine-hardwood forest, cove hardwood forest, piedmont bottomland hardwood riverine forest, and food plots of cultivated or grass croplands fields. Healthy populations of all major game species in South Carolina, including white-tailed deer, wild turkey, waterfowl, and small game occur here. Also present are species of furbearers such as otter, beaver, mink, skunk, bobcat, raccoon, fox and black bear. The bottom lands along the river and creek areas are attractive to waterfowl species including wood duck and to a lesser extent other species of ducks such as mallards and black duck. Also along the river and creeks there may be wading birds and marsh birds and during dry period on may see wild turkey.

Property Map

A map for the Comalander Tracts has been provided in Google Map format.