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Cantey Bay Tract

Property Description

The Cantey Bay Tracts are managed for agriculture, forestry, and wildlife, within Cantey Baythe "waterfowl corridor" of Lake Marion. A diversity of habitats and agricultural areas occur here, including many fields that are in food and fiber productions. This property may have been a part of the Native American civilization that inhabited and built the mound at Fort Watson nearby, and part of the history of human travel around the Santee River in historic times. One of the most significant aspects of this property is the fact that it is near some amazing public lands; Santee, Manchester State Forest, Lake Marion, and Congaree National Park. These tracts also have about 10 miles of road viewing and lie within 5 miles of several other conservation easements.

Property Map

A map for the Cantey Bay Tracts has been provided in Google Map format.