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Blackmon Tract

Property Description

The Blackmon Tract represents the opportunity to add 150 acres Blackmonto the Aiken Gopher Tortoise Heritage Preserve. The acquisition of this land gives the preserve much needed access to the South Edisto River. The Gopher Tortoise Preserve is home to the rare and state-listed endangered gopher tortoise, which provide shelter to many other species in their 30-foot long burrows which can be up to fifteen feet deep. The preserve is also home to one fifth of the state’s remaining longleaf pine/wiregrass communities. Along with the tortoises visitors can expect to see deer, wild turkey, quail, fox, barred owls, and red - tailed hawks, several varieties of snakes as well as the migrating great crested flycatchers and blue grosbeaks. The Blackmon Tract addition is open to the public for all pedestrian, equestrian and non-motorized vehicular uses.

Property Map

A map for the Blackmon Tract has been provided in Google Map format.