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Blue Heron Property (Battle of Camden)

Property Description

The Blue Heron Property was in the core of the battlefield for the Blue Heron PropertyAugust 16, 1780, Battle of Camden. Major General Gates assembled his troops so that his most inexperienced men would face the most experienced British Regulars and vice versa. His decision is considered one of the worst tactical decisions made by an American during the war. As the battle wore on, the Patriot numbers dwindled and they would eventually be outnumbered 800 to 2,000. In the midst of the melee, DeKalb attempted to rally his men and was shot 11 times by musket fire. In one hour, the Americans were routed, suffering over 2,000 casualties. That evening, Gates mounted his horse and fled to Charlotte, NV. This, his most humiliating defeat, caused a loss of arms, men, and equipment that haunted the Americans for months. Gates never returned to military served. This property is the site of this last stand of American troops led by DeKalb. 

Property Map

A map for Blue Heron Property has been provided in Google Map format.